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Making the connections

Happy Valentine’s Day 2019

Unusual, Weird, Or Just Plain Wrong Valentine’s Day Gifts

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! I know what you’re probably saying What?!? A non-Music Monday post? Yep, remember when this blog was much more than a music lover’s site (or an occasional holiday-themed story venue)? As I sat here earlier looking at WordPress updates, it struck me that I’ve really narrowed the scope of why I started this blog. Those reasons will have to wait for a future post because I should return to the point of this one. I stumbled upon a surprising Valentine’s Day gift, so down the rabbit hole I went.

Gifts For Pop Culture Lovers

Valentine's Day: Dwight
Valentine's Day: Jim & Pam
Valentine's Day: 11

Before we get too far into this, please note some of these things have been around for awhile. However, if you’re like me (usually), you don’t have the time, energy, or (in some cases) the inclination to scour the internet for these things. There are far more pop culture related items out there (like Stranger Things Pez), but these give you the gist.

Gifts For Pet Lovers

Valentine's Day: Cat lovers
Valentine's Day: Dog Lovers

Is your significant other furry? Does your ideal evening include said critter and binge watching episodes of Dogs 101, Cats 101, Puparazzi, or the like? Of course, there are gifts for you.

Gifts For Foodie Lovers

Valentine's Day: Thanks
Valentine's Day: Eggplant
Valentine's Day: Mancrates

I realize that all of these images may not exactly fall into the “food” category, but please hear me out. The strawberries & cream chocolate and phallic emoji eggplant bottle for whatever sauce you desire certainly qualifies as food or food adjacent. The leather belt is just an example from Mancrates. My first thought when seeing there’s a site by that name was I wonder how sexist or stereotypical this site is. True, there are several meats, booze, or booze infused meat crates listed (hence its inclusion in this heading). However, there are also personal grooming, breakfast, puzzle, and craft crates. I prejudged the site and can admit I was wrong. My second thought was I wonder if there’s a Womancrates site (there isn’t).

Gifts For ???

Valentine's Day: Subtle Butt

I don’t know how to classify this, but I’m sure there are plenty of people who are interested in it. Although the image appears to be male, Amazon proves these are unisex. I’m not sure which is more laughable – the 3.9 average rating, the question and answer section, or the actual reviews.

Gifts For The Macabre Lovers

Valentine's Day: Love Ashes
Valentine's Day: Van Der Glas Human Tooth
Valentine's Day: Voodoo

Initially, I was going to include these final three in the section above. However, they really fall into a much darker category. The heart pendant sure looks innocuous on the surface. When you learn that it’s from a site called Love Ashes, it takes on a whole different vibe. They make jewelry from the ashes of a cremated loved one.

The second image is exactly what it appears like – a ring with a human tooth. It’s all part of an art/jewelry design by Polly Van Der Glas. What’s that? You’re not into teeth so much? Fear not! Per her site:

Since 2005 my work has centered on materials that were once attached to our bodies: human hair, teeth and fingernails.

Finally, if you’re still bitter this Valentine’s Day over that messy breakup, you can exact revenge by sending your ex a voodoo curse. FAIR WARNING: your vengeance depends upon your ex being dumb enough to click an unknown link. Here’s how it works:

Upon clicking the link, your victim will be taken to the PinStruck.com web site where they will see a personalized effigy of themselves impaled with pins. You will be vindicated!

Have you seen anything else that warms your heart, makes you laugh, or makes you cringe?

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