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Music Mondays (Pt. 1): Spielbergs, Cherry Glazerr, Deer Tick, and more!

Spielbergs, Cherry Glazerr, Deer Tick, and more!

A quick update before I dive into the latest from Spielbergs, Cherry Glazerr, Deer Tick, and more! Since the last Music Monday post, I came down with a cold. A stupid, strength-sapping cold. I missed almost every new release until this past Friday, but I’ll comb through it and will update with any gems I find. The honorable mentions this week go to Beirut’s Gallipoli, Girlpool’s What Chaos Is Imaginary, the folksy stylings of Mandolin Orange’s Tides Of A Teardrop, and Guided By Voices’ lengthy Zepplin Over China (32 tracks, people, 32!). This week will be slightly different in formatting.

Guitar rock:

Whether it’s fuzzy, anthemic, or psychedelic, these albums all share this commonality.

Spielbergs: This Is Not The End

Spielbergs: This Is Not The End

Remember last year when I introduced you to Spielbergs’ EP Distant Star? Remember when I declared it would make my Best of list? History will likely repeat itself this year. This Is Not The End brings the same frenetic, fuzzy guitar energy. Sadly, the band still only appears in the social media realm on FB and Twitter. If you didn’t check out last year’s EP, go back and listen. Then check this album out and you can thank me in the comments below. Or don’t. Do you really want to be that person?

Spielbergs on Spotify
Spielbergs on YouTube

Cherry Glazerr: Stuffed & Ready

Cherry Glazerr: Stuffed & Ready

LA (the city, not state) alt/indie rockers Cherry Glazerr are back with their third release, Stuffed & Ready. If you’re unfamiliar (like me, until recently) the band took its name from LA’s KCRW radio host Chery Glaser. She even interviewed the band. What a brilliant way to market yourself and obtain free press all at the same time. That was back in 2014. Since then the band has undergone several lineup changes, yet continue to put out solid musical offerings. The guitars styles mentioned above are well represented here. They even add some heavy chorus effects to blend styles.

Cherry Glazerr on Spotify
Cherry Glazerr on YouTube

Deer Tick: Mayonnaise

Deer Tick: Mayonnaise

Take some blues, folk, psychedelia, and straight-forward rock, throw it in a blender, pulse it a few times, and you get Deer Tick‘s latest, Mayonnaise. That’s the best way I can describe the album’s style. There are times I think I hear other band’s influences (like The Band’s The Weight) on Old Lady. Other times I think my imagination is just playing tricks on me. If you’re familiar with some of their earlier work, you’ll find repeats on this album. Specifically, Limp Right Back and End of the World from the Deer Tick Vol. 1 album appear as alternate versions. Doomed from the Start and Cocktail appear as 7″ versions from the aforementioned album. Mayonnaise presents such different guitar stylings than what appear on This Is Not The End and Stuffed & Ready that it turns into an odd earworm.

Deer Tick on Spotify
Deer Tick on YouTube

This concludes part one. I’ll present a different category for part two tomorrow.

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