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Making the connections

Music Mondays (Pt. 2): Boy Harsher, Emily King, and David Mead

Boy Harsher, Emily King, and David Mead

Before I delve into Boy Harsher, Emily King, and David Mead, I need to correct last night’s mistake. I completely forgot to include Le Butcherettes’ album bi/MENTAL as part of the Guitar rock section. That album absolutely deserves your attention. It’s equal parts punk and straight up rock and there’s plenty of attitude in lead singer Teri Gender Bender’s vocals. Check them out on YouTube or Spotify. Now, without further ado…


These albums are all fresh releases, but they sound like something from the 80s or 90s.

Boy Harsher: Careful

Boy Harsher: Careful

What’s that you say? You miss those days/nights when you dressed all in black and hung out at a little known club or in a friend’s disturbingly dark and smoky basement? Lament no longer! Northampton, Massachusetts’ Boy Harsher is here with their third full-length release, Careful. It’s got all the dark synth sounds you remember. It has the 80s trademark synth orchestra hits. I’d like to speak with the band because it also seems to incorporate the old Simmons SDS-5 sound that I remember from my early drumming days. Talk about memory lane!

Boy Harsher on Spotify
Boy Harsher on YouTube

Emily King: Scenery

Emily King: Scenery

Perhaps it’s just my memory, but singer-songwriter Emily King‘s R&B/Soul sounds remarkably like those late 80s/early 90s pop albums. You remember, like the ones before Britney, Christina, and Mariah came along. I’m desperately trying to remember a comparable sound, but it’s eluding me at the moment. Is she a softer version of Aretha? I just remember hearing this ‘sound’ back then and this album immediately took me back. The benefit now is that I’m not compelled to automatically devalue it because it didn’t fit my musical worldview.

Perhaps it’s the Brain May-like guitar sound on Look At Me Now that’s coloring my perceptions and causing me to attribute more nostalgia to the album than I should. Regardless, check out the album and tell me where you hear similarities.

Emily King on Spotify
Emily King on YouTube

David Mead: Cobra Pumps

David Mead: Cobra Pumps

Sticking in the singer-songwriter vein, David Mead is back with his seventh studio release, Cobra Pumps. Remember the distinctive sound from all those Squeeze albums in your collection? Can you hear Glenn Tilbrook’s vocals in your ears right this moment? Do you recall all those fantastic Difford/Tilbrook hooks? Imagine all that with a slightly harder edge and you have Cobra Pumps. I swear, if the remainder of Squeeze wanted to tour, but Difford and Tilbrook didn’t want to, David Mead could slip right in and they wouldn’t miss a beat. Like yesterday’s Spielbergs album, I’m sure this will make my Best of list at the end of 2019.

David Mead on Spotify
David Mead on YouTube

There you have it. Hopefully you found something in this week’s selections that hits your musical sweet spot and you can forgive me for missing last week.

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