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Making the connections
Making the connections

Next Level Nerdery

Next Level Nerdery

Chuck Season 2

I think I may have just gone next level nerdery with my Chuck Spotify playlist project. I’ll let you be the judge. Not only have I finished curating the Season Two episode playlists below, but each season’s playlist now has its corresponding season image. Like above, for example. I’ve created the entire series now in spreadsheet form complete with concatenation formulas to make creating each seasonal episodic playlist a little easier. I’m also rewatching the series to see if the various song/episode sites I’m researching missed anything.

Without further ado, here are the Chuck Season Two playlists:

S2 E1 : Chuck vs. The First Date
S2 E2 : Chuck vs. the Seduction
S2 E3 : Chuck vs. the Breakup
S2 E4 : Chuck vs. the Cougars
S2 E5 : Chuck vs. Tom Sawyer
S2 E6 : Chuck vs. the Ex
S2 E7 : Chuck vs. the Fat Lady
S2 E8 : Chuck vs. the Gravitron
S2 E9 : Chuck vs. the Sensei
S2 E10 : Chuck vs. the Delorean
S2 E11 : Chuck vs. Santa Claus
S2 E12 : Chuck vs. the Third Dimension
S2 E13 : Chuck vs. the Suburbs
S2 E14 : Chuck vs. the Best Friend
S2 E15 : Chuck vs. the Beefcake
S2 E16 : Chuck vs. the Lethal Weapon
S2 E17 : Chuck vs. the Predator
S2 E18 : Chuck vs. the Broken Heart
S2 E19 : Chuck vs. the Dream Job
S2 E20 : Chuck vs. the First Kill
S2 E21 : Chuck vs. the Colonel
S2 E22 : Chuck vs. the Ring

Like season one’s list, I began episode one with Cake’s Short Skirt/Long Jacket and ended episode 22 with Tim Jones’ End Titles. From a completeness standpoint, I understand those pieces are in every episode. However, from a sanity standpoint, I think even the most rabid Cake/Tim Jones fan would agree including them on every playlist is too much. You’re welcome. Before I forget, one of my favorite holiday songs isn’t available on Spotify. Thankfully, YouTube has our backs with Your Vegas’ Christmas And Me Are Through.

Finally, if you’re also missing this series, there’s a chance it could come back as a movie or a limited series capacity. The cast and creators reunited for charity to perform a table read of the fan-selected S3 E9 Chuck vs. the Beard. Check it out on EW.com.

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