Feel Me Don't You
Making the connections
Making the connections

Rejected Loverboy

Rejected Loverboy

Everybody’s working for the weekend

Everybody wants a little romance

Everybody’s goin’ off the deep end

Everybody needs a second chance, oh

You want a piece of my heart

You better start from start

You wanna be in the show

Come on baby lets go

Most people probably don’t realize how prophetic Paul Dean, Mike Reno, and Matt Frenette were back in 1980-81. Like Nostradamus, they saw into the future. They peered almost 40 years ahead to a healthcare company trying to cram in as many projects as humanly possible. In as short a window as possible. They saw the future and immediately knew they had a hit song on their hands. Thus, (Cue booming voice) Working On The Weekend (End booming voice) was born.

They quickly rejected it. One small tweak later and (Cue booming voice) Waiting For The Weekend (End booming voice) was born. They quickly rejected that too. Finally, Mike Reno suggested (Cue booming voice) Working For The Weekend (End booming voice) and the rest is history.

Was the above just a clever/convoluted way to explain that a lot of us have been working through the weekends? Perhaps. I’m feeling burned out. Time is a blur at the moment, but if memory serves, many on my team (and other teams) have been involved in migrations five of the past seven weekends. There’s at least one more migration happening next weekend. However, after that, I’m afraid I don’t honestly recall. I’m hoping we get lucky and don’t have another one until June. Fingers crossed.

With time at such a premium, once I logged off today I grabbed a book and headed outside onto my deck. I promptly blinded myself and my neighbors. I don’t recall ever being this pasty before in my life, but here we are. Once my sight returned, I enjoyed this stolen moment under a pristine, sun-filled sky. Although it was in only around 70, I was still thankful for the cool breeze that kept me from overheating. Seems my time on the deck was like smoking a brisket – low and slow. Note to self: steal more moments like these.

Oh, before I forget, if the above has your inner earworm all tingly, I won’t leave you hanging.

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