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The Gifts That Keep You From Giving

The Gifts That Keep You From Giving

Tiffany's Pup Stuff
Lovingly packaged by Tiffany’s Pup Stuff:
Tiffany's pup stuff

If you’re a friend or relative, SURPRISE! You should soon receive one of the gifts that keep you from giving (a highly contagious disease). Recently, I purchased a yard of Royals fabric and shipped it to my buddy’s daughter, Tiffany. She’s a student trying to pay the bills and her side hustle has been making dog paraphernalia. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that she named this enterprise Tiffany’s Pup Stuff. Sure, studying Astrophysics may be cool AF, but but let’s face facts. A girl’s gotta eat, right? Now she’s branching out and making COVID-19 masks.

Turns out, a yard of fabric could net you up to 15 masks and 4 dog bandanas. However, she was gracious enough to donate some black fabric for the backs of the masks. That brought me up to a whopping 30! She could have thrown everything in a generic bag and called it good. Instead, she batched things in the tissue paper shown above. She also included washing & care instructions, bandana tying tips, and a Tiffany’s Pup Stuff Etsy business card. I’ve definitely seen less impressive packaging from more “professional” sources before.

If you are interested in something made from your favorite team’s fabric, like for example, the Cubs (I’m looking at you @jungleland42, @jroot75, and even @bdandurand) check out the link above.

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