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Making the connections
Making the connections

Mary, Did You Know?

Mary, Did You Know?

“Ms. Jacobson! Ms. Jacobson!” the throng of journalists, stuffed elbows to armpits into the steamy press room, cried out. Each one shouting louder than the previous one, they tried garnering the willowy woman’s attention. She simply stood behind the podium fidgeting with the microphone. The amplified clunks and thuds were barely audible over the the reporters’ cacophony until the familiar high-pitched, feedback wail quieted the crowd. The silence lasted three seconds before the din renewed.

“Ms. Jacobson, can you substantiate the rumors…” began the CNN reporter.

“Ms. Jacobson, what about the allegations of…” said the Fox News reporter.

“Ms. Jacobson, are you prepared to…” continued the NPR reporter.

“Please, call me Mary. If you would all please hold your questions, I would like to read from a prepared statement. I will open the floor to questions from the media after that.” said Mary. “I understand there are many questions regarding my association with the international phenomenon, Joshua. He has accomplished a multitude of unbelievable feats. With his touch, the blind see. With a word, the deaf hear. From his presence, the mute raise their voices. Some are calling them miracles. Some claim deepfakes. Opinions are varied worldwide. Regardless, I am releasing these documents with conclusive DNA evidence that prove I am his mother.” She brandished a fistful of documents and the throng erupted.

“Mary, did you know that your son would one day walk on water?” said the AP reporter.

“Mary, did you know that your son has walked where angels trod?” said the Christian World News reporter.

“When you kissed your little baby boy, did you know you kissed the face of God?” said the Vatican News reporter.

Her mind raced back decades. She stood before her new boyfriend, Joe, in their three room apartment fumbling for the words. She had long since lost her job at Ikea. He struggled finding meaningful carpentry work thanks to Ikea. They vowed they would somehow make it work.

“I’m pregnant.” said Mary.

Joe stumbled back.

“But I…” said Joe.

“I know” said Mary.

“But you…”

“I know.”

“So how…”

“I don’t know.”

“Did you…”


“Then how?”


“Mary, did you know your son is Lord of all creation?”

The question brought her to the present.

“Yes,” said Mary, “all of these things I knew. I could sense that he was destined for the benefit of all humanity.”

“Then why wait until now to come forward? Why wait to admit your association with the greatest gift to humankind?” said an indistinguishable reporter from the back of the room.

Mary’s gaze shifted to the documents in her hand. The recently unsealed adoption paperwork laid squarely on top.

“Because he doesn’t belong to me. He belongs to the world.”

Inspired by Mary, Did You Know?

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