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For The Love Of Kate Bush

Creator: Gered Mankowitz 
Copyright: Photograph by Gered Mankowitz Copyright: Bowstir Ltd 2018/mankowitz.com (no copyright infringement is intended)

With Stranger Things Season 4 firmly taking root in Netflix audiences’ minds, so has Kate Bush. You’d probably have to live under a rock far away from anyone with an internet connection to avoid hearing Running Up That Hill (A Deal with God) from any of the streaming services. After decades, her work is now on top of streaming and download charts. It blows my mind and I have to say it’s about time.

While her work has flown mostly under the radar, it brings me joy when sharing her catalog with new listeners. I had no idea I shared this love with several NPR contributors. They recently posted 7 more Kate Bush songs that deserve the ‘Stranger Things’ treatment. I agree that tracks Babooshka, Lake Tahoe, Wuthering Heights, Mrs. Bartolozzi, The Morning Fog, and The Sensual World are all excellent recommendations. However, Hazel Cills’ selection, Waking the Witch, really stands out as it’s not only one of my favorite tracks on Hounds of Love, but one of my favorites in her entire catalog. Kudos to Hazel!

Of course, I have my own selections that could do with the Stranger Things bump.

Under the Ivy

Since this list is based on Running Up That Hill, it makes perfect sense to include the B-side to that very track. Honestly, before today, I only knew this from This Woman’s Work: Anthology 1978 – 1990. If Braveheart was redone a la A Knight’s Tale, this song would fit perfectly in the secret wedding scene. It’s all about sneaking away from safety to find comfort in another’s arms… or possibly bed.

Under Ice

As much as I love that Waking the Witch made the list, it seems a shame to neglect this gem. Given the imagery that Ann Powers provided for her take on Lake Tahoe, I think this song fits that vibe more. Better yet, I can see this fitting a modern Virginia Woolf biopic. Rather than wading into the river, Virginia skates onto a river she knows has barely frozen over. The fractured lines on the ice a perfect metaphor for her fractured mind.

Burning Bridge

Back to the B-sides! This one graced the other side of Cloudbusting. I have to admit my ignorance once more as I only knew this track from This Woman’s Work: Anthology 1978 – 1990. While Kate believed this to be a bit of a throwaway track, it strikes me as a rally cry especially in light of recent events with the US Supreme Court. If protest footage surfaces as women peacefully march on Washington, this should accompany it. I realize that’s three tracks from Hounds of Love, but that should indicate what an amazing album it is.

Prelude & Aerial Tal

From Aerial, Prelude and Aerial Tal form two small segments of a harrowing tale. Imagine, a mother, father, and their five year old daughter are wending their way over rain-soaked Scottish country roads. The storm that pelted the countryside gives way to a brilliant summer sky. The father alerts his daughter of the rainbow extending from the passing dark clouds to the farm in the distance. When his eyes return in front of him, he realizes too late that the road takes a sharp turn and he slams on the brakes too late. The car flips and spins until it finally comes to rest at the beginning of a wooded area. The daughter crawls from the vehicle and awaits her parents as birdsong fills the air.

Years later the daughter sits alone in a garden. She speaks to the birds and no one else, driven mad by surviving her parents’ death.

Snowed in at Wheeler Street

As I mentioned before, Lake Tahoe is a fine selection from 50 Words for Snow. If I were going to select a supernatural setting, this songs fits the bill. Star-crossed lovers like Heathcliff and Catherine or Romeo and Juliet are well-known to most. Their love was never meant to be. What if there was a Rogers & Hammerstein-like twist on that theme? Boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl back then boy murders girl due to a lover’s curse. Girl is reincarnated. Girl gets boy, girl loses boy, girl gets boy back then murders boy due to a lover’s curse. On and on, the cycle repeats.

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