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R.I.P. FitBit Flex 5/13/2013 – 9/14/2016 On Wednesday, September 14, 2016, after just 26 steps, Pete Calderone’s FitBit Flex passed away. Affectionately known as “Blackie”, he leaves behind siblings Navy and Powder Blue. He lived a full and adventurous life as he most recently travelled the length of Africa. He will always […]

R.I.P. FitBit Flex

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Yes, I bless the rains. Down in Africa. I needed something else to do as I walked the entire length of the continent. Oh, the sights I’ve seen! Oh, the sounds I’ve heard! Oh, the things I’ve stepped in! While the achievement is nice, it will never be like the real sights & sounds […]

I Bless The Rains

The past year has been difficult. To be fair, I should say the past 18 months have been difficult. Losing a job near the end of the year is never easy as the fourth quarter is typically quiet on the employment front. Businesses prepare their budgets for the coming year […]

Pride: The Difference In A Year

I’ve had some physical problems over the past year ever since getting food poisoning in Lake Oswego, OR. For the most part I’ve been able to manage them without too much impact to my day-to-day life. Until two nights ago, that is. I arrived home exhausted much like I have for the past […]

Like An Infant Or A Bad Whore