fact checking the presidential debates pt. 2
The kid gloves are off. Here are some highlights/lowlights: personal attacks, name calling, arrest threats, “sexy locker room talk”, and a couple compliments. Let’s dig into fact checking the Presidential debates. He Said Last year, we had almost $800 billion trade deficit. In other words, trading with other countries. We […]

Fact Checking The Presidential Debates Pt. 2

Fact Checking The Presidential Debates 2 comments
The slings and arrows have been cast. The jabs and digs have landed. The truths, half-truths, sort-of-truths, and outright lies are in the public record. Now it’s time for the first installment of Fact Checking the Presidential Debates. He Said Our energy policies are disaster. Our country is losing so much […]

Fact Checking The Presidential Debates Pt. 1

The Real Feedback Loop 2 comments
Feedback Loop n. The section of a control system that allows for feedback and self-correction and that adjusts its operation according to differences between the actual and the desired or optimal output. A representation found on Twitter this evening looks like this:   That’s fine, but in light of Be The […]

Feedback Loop

I just want to start this off with my belief that #AllLivesMatter. As I write this, I’m listening to media coverage of the Dallas shootings in the wake of tonight’s peaceful rally. Details are still sketchy and changing as each minute passes. This is my first time trying to follow along […]


DrPerryCox 1 comment
To paraphrase the immortal words of Dr. Perry Cox: You can’t know what’s going on in someone else’s head. Why am I paraphrasing a television character? First, I’ve come to understand and accept this phrase all too well over the past few years. Second, I learned yesterday that a former co-worker […]

You Can’t Know