Omaha Bockfest 2017
Omaha Bockfest 2017 Omaha Bockfest 2017 motto (borrowed from the USPS): Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these beer enthusiasts from the swift completion of their appointed beer rounds. If you haven’t been following along on Twitter, I’ve been travelling for work a lot lately. Junction […]

Omaha Bockfest 2017

Parents House Not Quite Galesburg 1 comment
For anyone interested, I’m back in Galesburg. Sort of. For kicks, I went to Where Am I Now to get the pic above. It’s a fairly accurate representation considering it’s only about 30 feet west of where I’m writing this post. I hadn’t realized it before, but the overhead view makes […]

Galesburg 2: Electric ‘Burgaloo

Uber 3 comments
Yesterday, loyal reader K joined me for the Waldo Hopfest. In order for us both to enjoy the event, we took our first Uber ride. If you’re unfamiliar, you can read more about Uber. Both drivers, to and from the event, were friendly and patient with us as we asked a barrage of […]


TexasScaresMe 2 comments
I need to get out of this state. It’s not just the images above that bolt me awake from a dead sleep. It’s the drivers who use the shoulder as a “bonus lane”, pull in front of you when you’re 20 feet away, and/or pass you on the frontage road […]

Texas Scares Me