Yordano Ventura: RIP Ace 2 comments
Yordano Ventura: RIP Ace January 22, 2017 was the worst Sunday in a long time as I read the news about Yordano Ventura. I’ll be honest. Friday was a difficult day given the inauguration. Saturday was better thanks to my friend’s birthday. However, since Sunday, I’ve been on an emotional roller coaster. […]

Yordano Ventura: RIP Ace

Chicago Cubs
World Series Prediction: Chicago Cubs in 5 Prior to last night’s game, I stated the Chicago Cubs would win the 2016 World Series in five games. Going against Kluber last night was going to be tough, even with Lester on the bump. Everyone knew that. Arrieta had a much better matchup tonight […]

Chicago Cubs In 5

RoyalsWSLogo 2 comments
Welcome back Spring! Welcome back warmer weather! Most importantly, welcome back your 2015 World Series Champions, the Kansas City Royals! The typical dreary winter conditions were made far less so thanks to the warm satisfaction from last year’s World Series victory and the anticipation leading up to this season. Herein lies the dichotomy […]

Opening Night

There was some sort of synchronicity this afternoon as our work network was spontaneously getting upgraded and I was forced to either head home or sit in the office and wait to connect again at some undefined time. So, I headed home in 60+ degree weather with the sun roof […]