Ladies & gentlemen, please meet your ALCS MVP Alcides Escobar. Please allow me to reiterate, this is not Josh Donaldson (as so many pundits predicted) nor is it Jose Bautista (as others surmised), this is Alcides Escobar. You know, of the Kansas City Royals, Escobars. He’s the same Escobar that has […]

Step 4 Complete

Royals defeat Astros
It was win or go (stay) home and the Royals pulled out a 7-2 victory against a respectable Houston Astros team. Kudos to the Astros on a well-played series because they’re going to be a fantastic team in the coming years. This was a difficult game to watch as I […]

Step 3 Complete

We (Nick, Kelly, Jon, and I) are heading to The K tonight to catch Game 1 of the ALDS. So while I eat my lunch, I’ve been trying to find Royals-themed music in my playlist to get pumped up for tonight. That was a failure as all I had was Royal Oil […]

Pre-game Pump Up

Chicago Cubs
Congratulations to the Chicago Cubs (and fans) for finally making it into the playoffs. Granted, it hasn’t been the longest drought in playoff history, but it’s been since 2008 that the Cubs have made it to the playoffs. My condolences to the Pirates and their fans, but you just went […]

It’s Been A Long Time Cubbing