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porkpairing 2 comments
Last weekend I had some butterfly pork chops that needed to be grilled before they went to waste. With salad greens and a twice-baked potato to add to the meal, the only thing left was to find a tasty beer pairing. I have several knowledgeable craft beer friends on Twitter so I […]


Thanks to a Mr. Ryan Hickey, I have delicious taste treats from the state of Washington (okay, a couple are from Oregon). Once again, I have a great friend who is willing to participate in a beer exchange, so he gets selections he can’t access and so do I. From left to right: […]

Washington Treats

World Series Treats 1 comment
My winnings from (former Blue Jays fan) new Royals Superfan, Kristine, finally arrived late last week. She went above & beyond the agreed upon cost for the bet, so I’ve forgiven her tardiness in paying up. Quite big of me, huh? Here’s what you’re looking at: Bellwoods Brewery – Boogie Monster […]

World Series Treats

Here’s what you’re seeing from left to right: Ursa Major 2010-2012 in bottles, the next three tulip glasses contain Ursa Major 2013-2015. The taster glasses all contain samples of the 2010-2012 bottled releases. The glass to the left of the bottles is the Green-eyed Monster 2015 edition (in chartreuse-aged oak). […]

Vertical Bears!

AZ Treats
Friends Gary and Shannon sent me a care package from the state of Arizona. Similar to my previous treats from Canada and Oregon, this was another beer share experience as I had previously sent them a care package of tasty treats. In case you can’t tell from the picture I […]

Arizona Treats