flash fiction

Thistlehair The Christmas Bear The Christmas din was overwhelming and pushed Thistlehair to his breaking point. “I want a new iPhone 7!” “Pleeeeeeeease can I have a drone helicopter? I neeeeeeeeed one.” “Oh! Oh! A Hatchimals Pengualas! I’d love a Hatchimals Pengualas!” All over the city, similar requests went out as […]

Thistlehair The Christmas Bear

I'll Be Home For Christmas 3 comments
I’ll Be Home For Christmas Southern California was unseasonably warm for this late in December. With the Imperial Beach Pier’s lights dotting the nearby skyline, the ocean breathed salt into the building dusk. Mr. Mistletoe stood in the deepening shadows between houses on Ocean Ln. trying to avoid direct light. That wasn’t his real name. It […]

I’ll Be Home For Christmas

Sarajevo 3 comments
Christmas Eve/Sarajevo 12/24 Like the Golden Lily, you return here each year. Why, Vedad, why? The buildings are different now. With their quick ascent and slow decay, they shine. They gleam. They banish the memory of yesteryear’s rubble. Those jagged bits of twisted metal, plaster, and concrete strewn across the streets or blown into […]

Christmas Eve/Sarajevo 12/24