Four Favorite Words

Four Favorite Words Lucky Seven Samson
Four Favorite Words: Lucky Seven Sampson   Friends and coworkers have inquired for weeks when the next round would take place. Let’s get right into Four Favorite Words Lucky Seven Sampson edition. Bloviate Hubris Megalomaniac Mountebank In case the theme isn’t obvious, these words have been careening around the ol’ cerebellum courtesy […]

Four Favorite Words: Lucky Seven Sampson

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I’m a month overdue for my quarterly post. Without further ado… The Words and the Why Ebullient Fecundity Harrumph Dulcet Now for the fun part – why I selected these words. Ebullient: This is a stark contrast to the current political climate. It also reminds me of several friends and my sister-in-law. […]

Four Favorite Words: Six Degrees Of Something

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It’s been awhile since we’ve touched base linquistically. Since that time, there’s been a glut of grammar to tantalize my temporal lobes and tickle my tongue. Favorites are often difficult to declare as, even over just this past week, they jockey for position toward an unreachable finish line. This is why I ask: […]

Four Favorite Words: Quadruply Loquacious