holiday writing experiment

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Skating The recent snowfall made tracking Brian and Connie child’s play. Anyone could tell the difference between the teens’ tracks and the shuffle of the dead. They had left Alexandria without warning so Darryl volunteered to bring them back. Step, step, step… step… shuffle, step, step, shuffle – their footsteps reminded him of Morse code. These […]


2000 Miles Jessica’s glasses fogged as she sipped a steaming cup of cocoa and gazed out her front window. Snow, steady and soundless, fell through the tar black night. The house was so still since her husband left. Kristopher, my love, where are you? She sighed as her thoughts conjured memories. In recent months, Kristopher began bringing […]

2000 Miles

Christmas Wrapping Bobbi MacKenzie had seen it all in her twenty years as an NYPD homicide detective. Or so she thought. She strode through the door of the Upper West Side apartment to her partner, Joe Tolle. She had that gimme-the-facts-skip-the-bullshit expression she’d honed over the years. “You’re not gonna believe this,” […]

Christmas Wrapping