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Welcome to Earth Day 2016. The image above comes courtesy of NASA’s #24Seven event occurring across various social media outlets. We’ve seen spectacular sunrises and moonrises, but how often do you get to see an Earthrise? I find this perspective refreshing. There are so many breathtaking views in their feed that it […]

Hello Earth

I was listening to Amanda Palmer again while catching up on today’s Twitter feed. On the very first track, Astronaut, I came across some amazing @NASA images. Coincidence? Here are some that I really enjoy: This also got me searching through my music library for other Astronaut songs which returned: Un Astronauta En Cielo – […]

Keep Your Feet On The Ground And Keep Reaching For ...

She packed my bags last night pre flight Zero hour nine a.m. And I’m gonna be high, as a kite by then I miss the earth so much, I miss my wife It’s lonely out in space On such a timeless flight I’m heading to Mars! You read that right, […]

I’m A Rocket Man

Ever since that fateful day in 2006 when the scientific community declared that Pluto was no longer a planet and was merely a dwarf planet, I’ve been waiting for the li’l-iceball-dwarf-planet-that-could to make a triumphant comeback. In recent years, the push to reinstate Pluto’s planetary status has gained momentum. Who knew something […]

Countdown: Three Days

Nerd Alert! Nerd Alert! Nerd Alert! I’ve been following @NASA on Twitter for some time now and I’m constantly amazed by the breathtaking photos and videos posted by the organization and the astronauts involved. Videos like: Take a ride to the @Space_Station! Watch this March 27 time-lapse video showing the […]

NASA Nerdery