Fact Checking The Presidential Debates 2 comments
The slings and arrows have been cast. The jabs and digs have landed. The truths, half-truths, sort-of-truths, and outright lies are in the public record. Now it’s time for the first installment of Fact Checking the Presidential Debates. He Said Our energy policies are disaster. Our country is losing so much […]

Fact Checking The Presidential Debates Pt. 1

Fact checking Trump and Clinton
I probably shouldn’t be posting this… not because it shouldn’t be said, but because I’m exhausted and doubt I’m able to form a coherent thought. Whatever. Here goes: I’ve been obsessed lately with fact checking the presidential candidates. Agreeing with a particular candidate’s stance has become less important to me than not being lied […]

Fact Checking

Looking at the new click-bait news regimes is depressing. Let’s take Yahoo’s main news feed, for example. I’m referring to the items in the All Stories section and not the low hanging fruit that is the image slider. Six of the top ten stories are all negative stories: Jared Fogle […]

A Sad State Of Affairs