endless destiny 6 comments
Over the past several years I’ve had a recurring conversation with family and friends and, in each instance, it’s been met with incredulity. Here’s a quick paraphrase of the conversation: Friend/family member: “I’m so happy/sad/frustrated with [insert event here], it seems I’m destined for this.” Me: “I don’t believe in […]

A Future Without Destiny

TonyWonder 5 comments
Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’re aware that Abe Vigoda finally passed away today. I say finally because, like many others, I believed he’d passed away awhile ago. I never really gave it much thought and assumed the rumors were true. Apparently so did many others as became a […]

How Will Your Legacy Be Written?

Perhaps I’ve found a repetitive glitch Within @pentametron‘s algorithms ‘Tis a fascile wisdom that doth bewitch While producing trendy aphorisms   What phrase, pray tell, hath lodged inside my brain Sagely advice for whom you might eschew No more Shakespearean, I’ll speak it plain Invest in people who invest in you   For those unfamiliar with this Twitter […]

Quoth The Pentametron

ReneDescartes 2 comments
Lately I’m in my head too much. I’ve always found it interesting that the same phenomenon can have polar opposite effects on people. For an improviser it’s rarely, if ever, good to be in your head as it means you’re thinking too much and that leads to slow reaction times. It’s better living […]

Cogito-ing, Ergo Sum-ing