There was some sort of synchronicity this afternoon as our work network was spontaneously getting upgraded and I was forced to either head home or sit in the office and wait to connect again at some undefined time. So, I headed home in 60+ degree weather with the sun roof […]


Alex Gordon
In case you’ve been away from the internet and TV today, Alex Gordon re-signed with the Royals. In a day, at least in social media circles, that’s being dubbed #HappyAlexGordonDay, Kansas City rejoices to return one of their, arguably, favorite faces of the franchise. This is a great sports day and […]

Alex Gordon, Still A Royal

TheRoyalKristine 6 comments
Ladies & gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to FMDY fan, Kristine (although after this post, that may no longer be true). She’s Canadian. She knows her way around Big Pharma. She enjoys playing songs in MMO’s. She’s married to a lumberjack (and he’s ok!). She’s the mother of a […]

Welcoming A New Superfan