Never say never, especially when it comes to relationships. There’s often a backslide when you break up with someone and I may be forced to revisit my ex, Pennsylvania. I’m still hoping I can avoid her and work through all the issues here in town. As I mentioned previously, there were a few […]

The Potential Backslide

I wanted to entitle this post Welcome Back To Dreary, PA, but after considering the events of the past couple days, the above seems more appropriate. Upon arrival, we were met with some lovely rain again. Reports are that we can expect more of the same throughout this trip. Go […]

Sometimes You Just Have To Laugh

No, that’s not a play on how dismal the city of Erie, PA is. Before I continue, if you’re a resident of the city or just an Erie enthusiast, I mean no disrespect. This is my first time in the state of Pennsylvania and I’m in Hollidaysburg and Altoona, so I […]

Greetings From Dreary, PA

Restaurante Farallon entrance
My parents celebrated their 50th anniversary back in late 2013. To mark the occasion, the family went to the Dominican Republic, specifically to the all-inclusive, adults-only Excellence resort in Punta Cana. I wasn’t sure what to expect on this vacation as all the trip reviews I perused leading up to it ranged from utterly […]

Punta Cana, DR