Let’s face it. Whether you work in an office or a tedious, repetitive job, you’re likely surrounded by those brainless corporate or industrial zombies. You dread each encounter as the same mindless drivel drips from their lips like Section 8 plumbing. What if you went all Daryl Dixon on them? […]

Be The Office Daryl Dixon

KHLifeIsHard 3 comments
Back in mid-January I wrote about the quotes I like to write daily on my cubicle glass. The above is what I put up today. It’s meant to be a humorous quote, but the reactions I got fell more into the quizzical range and my boss even said, “Sometimes I don’t get […]

The Ungotten

No, I don’t mean lying there in the sun. There have been many times over the last year where, for one reason or another, I’m the only technical resource in the office. Whether it’s application-specific, hardware-specific, process-specific, answering the door, or just as a sounding board, I’m there for my coworkers. […]

Like Slade’s Chameleon

TexasScaresMe 2 comments
I need to get out of this state. It’s not just the images above that bolt me awake from a dead sleep. It’s the drivers who use the shoulder as a “bonus lane”, pull in front of you when you’re 20 feet away, and/or pass you on the frontage road […]

Texas Scares Me

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Like many, I’m subjected to some needlessly lengthy meetings during my work week. Why? Today’s meeting spent 20 minutes as an employee, his supervisor, her supervisor, and a supervisor of another group (still with me?) tried to hammer out why the original employee needed help. The volley of conversation that ensued was a clear […]


copingskills 5 comments
In light of yesterday’s events, I needed to find a way to not only help others in the office through what was affecting them, but also escape what was threatening to overwhelm me. It’s fine to be the rock in these situations, but as I’ve learned over the years, I […]